I take Great Pride in being able to offer this Pain Relief Gel

Relief Gel is an All Natural Pain Relief Gel that follows an Ancient Chinese formula. Applied externally the Duo temperature will relieve muscle and joint pain almost instantly. Apply to your shoulders, neck, arms and legs as well as the back of your neck for a guaranteed result in less than 15 minutes.

Apply after a hard days work to areas of discomfort and enjoy a soothing, relaxing, almost tingly feeling that helps relieve and revitalize your tired muscles.


  • Reduce Pain from Arthritis

  • Pain relief without MEDICATIONS.

  • Relief from Pain and Stiffness of muscles.

  • Relieve Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Muscle Pain and Lower Back Pain. Great Smelling, non Greasy Topical

  • Pure Aloe Vera for Natural Skin Care.

 Freedom from Pain! Better Movement! 


 Dr Earl Mindell’s Relief Gel is an Ancient Chinese Formula only available here!